Underwater Hockey has its origins during the 1950s in Britain. It was used (and still is used) as a fun means of teaching people how to snorkle and propel themselves with fins. This teaching aid was so much fun that people started playing it just for its own sake.

In the beginning underwater hockey was played with much longer sticks and the puck was carried in a curved section at the end of the stick. The sticks evolved into the shorter forms that are prevalent today. This allows for a much faster game and much longer shots. (Yes, you can actually "shoot" the puck underwater, a skilled player can shoot the puck over 10 feet in distance and over a foot off of the bottom!)

Club Puck is the largest underwater hockey club in the United States.  We have  more than 50 men, women and juniors players from all over the the San Francisco Bay Area on our roster.

Traditionally, Club Puck has always been one of the stronger team at tournaments. Most of our top players have competed in multiple World Championships and won medals, including Gold. (World Championships are held once every two years in cities all over the globe from Australia to France.)